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Some unusual bed designs for Room decor

If you are really too much into weird stuff; you might want to decorate your bedroom a bit differently by using artwork. Some unusual bed designs might be a good fit for your taste. Let me share these designs, these are mind blowing for certain.
Sea Shell bed set, it will make you feel like you are sleeping under the deep sea along with the other sea creature. The bedroom curtains have valances which are going well with the bedroom decor.
Read more about crazy bedroom designs ideas, they are so unique.
Drain house bedroom is a unique idea, the tiny space with a side table and lamp is good for anyone wanting to sleep in a different place other than a typically decorated bedroom.
Cool and comfy yellow bed set with the velvet mattress and headboard, it has lighting on the upper headboard as well to support you with reading or any activity that you do at night.
Want to spend some time for decorating the winter cabin? If you really want a bed set to be made out of wood and logs, here is o…

3D Flooring ideas with Water in design

I have been receiving a lot of emails lately where I am being asked as where to buy 3d floors for bathrooms and living rooms, and what are the best 3d flooring ideas with water as a featured murals within the 3d floor design.
There are tens of good 3d floor art designs that contain water, fish, aquatic animals and other type of undersea creatures which can improvise the theme of the vinyl flooring art in 3d design. In any 3d vinyl floor, you are sure to find some natural hues of blues, the water is definitely added in the 3d mural as the main design. Besides water in 3d design for the floor, you will notice that some underwater herbs, shrubs, and green plantations are added to the designs besides fish, turtles and other features that are related to beach, sea or ocean. A lot of homeowners simply want a 3d floor design in which just the water movement can be seen, it's because the water movements create an illusion of running water. The art looks more realistic than any other 3d v…