18 Modern Bedroom Wall Designs

Some famous terms such as modern wall art ideas, bedroom wall stickers, and wall art for the master bedroom refer to the same techniques being used today for decorating and improving the appearance of the walls during the bedroom remodeling or redecoration. Let's check out what type of art can be done on the walls without spending much money.
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Tree art

Black and white art is in trends always because the color schemes blend easily into the bedroom. This one wall tree may seem like a willow tree, but it is generic tree with branches bending over the bed set turning it into a focal feature of the room.
bedroom wall decor pictures
bedroom wall decor pictures
Another one that has more colors in it, this type of wall art should be done behind the bedding headboard because the artwork looks best when it is done on the wall behind the bed.
bedroom wall hangings decorations
bedroom wall hangings decorations

Artistic prints

This bedroom art is simple, it is available in form of stickers these days. Each block of square has a different print, the colors are blending nice with this bedroom wall color contrast which is dark in tone.
Modern bedroom wall designs
Modern bedroom wall designs

Soft Pink hearts

This one wall texture and art is good for the teenage girl bedroom because it has a simple print with painting of tree and hearts. A bird is sitting as well.
wall art for bedroom wall
wall art for bedroom wall

Vintage or Antique wall painting in bedroom

This one has all the vintage features one might want to add to a bedroom area. The big wall on the side has a nice oil painting done on the canvas and attached to the wall later. It's a natural scenery of a home located far amidst the mountains. Creating this type of art would cost some money but it always makes for good decor in the bedroom, you do not have to do much once the wall painting is done.
wall paint colors for modern bedroom
wall paint colors for modern bedroom

Making the scheme with white flowers

When bedroom wall colors are dark in tone you can make a contrast of the color with the lightest art, in the image below the white flowers are painted onto the wall above the bed set to create a combo.

ideas for modern bedroom walls
ideas for modern bedroom walls


Butterfly wall accent

These butterfly wall accents are good for all sorts of the interior and wall decoration, not just in the bedroom but also in the living room and dining room. They look creative and realistic.
wall art for bedrooms over the bed
wall art for bedrooms over the bed

Luxury style artwork above the bed set

This wall art has nice features such as metallic work, oil painting and use of real metal. This goes well with the rest of the room colors which are light in the tone. The focal point is obviously the bed set itself and the art done behind it.
Modern bedroom wall designs ideas
Modern bedroom wall designs ideas

Cherry Blossom tree

The accent wall in the bedroom is painted in dark plum color, to match the interior the stickers are applied on the walls that have the matching shades as of the bedroom accent wall.
Modern bedroom wall art ideas
Modern bedroom wall art ideas, cherry blossom tree art on wall

Refreshing quote for the morning

If you feel so stressed out in your daily life you need a nice and motivational quote to spruce up your day with the energy that you need.. This bedroom art is easy to do, it has logic as well as purpose to offer.
wall decor bedroom
wall decor bedroom, wall art quotes for bedroom

The room for couple

If you want to feel emotion in your bedroom, you can apply a printed heart on the wall behind the bed set to keep the vibe of romance alive and refresh throughout the year in the room.
Modern bedroom decoration for walls
Modern bedroom decoration for walls

One direction wall art

Love One direction music band? Want to make Zayn Malik a part of your daily life, this sticker could be something that would make it happen.
Bedroom art for the walls
Bedroom art for the walls, one direction wall poster

Family tree art in bedroom

The frames can help improve the appearance of the rooms. The artwork is simple to do at a low budget, however, you still need to find good frames to make the family tree in the room. There should be some pattern and harmony while you hang the photo frames, try to choose the same sized frames or different sized frames that have same shape or design.
Bedroom wall art ideas
Bedroom wall art ideas, bedroom wall decor , family tree wall decor

Simple couple art on the bedroom wall

This makes a lot of sense for certain. The bondage between a couple can encourage you to tighten the knots of the relations you two already have.
Bedroom art ideas
Bedroom art ideas, bedroom walls decor

Creative bedroom colour contrast

Unique wall art for the bedroom over the bed
Unique wall art for the bedroom over the bed

Hanging photo or simple frames over the bed

Over the bed wall art
Over the bed wall art, decoration for bedroom walls using frames and pictures

Indoor aquarium in the wall

Decorating the bedroom
Decorating the bedroom walls using indoor water aquarium

Quote for the couple

Modern bedroom art ideas
Modern bedroom art ideas, wall quotes

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