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18 Modern Bedroom Wall Designs

Some famous terms such as modern wall art ideas, bedroom wall stickers, and wall art for the master bedroom refer to the same techniques being used today for decorating and improving the appearance of the walls during the bedroom remodeling or redecoration. Let's check out what type of art can be done on the walls without spending much money.
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Tree art Black and white art is in trends always because the color schemes blend easily into the bedroom. This one wall tree may seem like a willow tree, but it is generic tree with branches bending over the bed set turning it into a focal feature of the room.
Another one that has more colors in it, this type of wall art should be done behind the bedding headboard because the artwork looks best when it is done on the wall behind the bed.
Artistic prints This bedroom art is simple, it is available in form of stickers these days. Each block of square has a different print,…

Superb 3d Vinyl floor Art and Murals

When it comes to advanced floor installation how can we forget 3d vinyl floors and 3D vinyl murals which are in trend these days. If you really want to customize the floor of kitchen, bathroom, living room or lounge room, you can definitely opt for vinyl flooring because it can make a big difference in the room makeover.

Let me share some of the best 3d vinyl floors designs which you can use as inspirations while you design the floor of any room.
Underwater mural idea with a bottle floating in the air Cool 3D mural with water features in form of vinyl flooring laid in the kitchen area  Cute 3d scenery in Vinyl for the floor containing murals of clouds and meadows
Polar Bear swimming in water, realistic Vinyl floors art in 3d that is customized.  A bridge amidst the meadows, 3d murals for easy floor customization using vinyl material. Sources for images: 1, 2,3,4,5