Creative Basement Bar Ideas

Looking for ways to turn your basement into basement bar, basement theater, basement cinema, and basement gaming room? You need to check some ideas. These ideas can help you understand how to do the basement remodeling with the best entertaining features of the modern times. If you are wondering as how to make one fully functional basement bar that can be used for parties, get together, and birthday events. The basement can be used as main venue during the events, this could be the place for serving the guests. If you are wondering as how a simple bar in the basement can be turned into a fully fledged guest serving area, you should know that when we refer to bar, it simply does not mean the area will be designed with the bar set alone. It can be designed into a nice seating area by arranging some sectionals and tables. To make it even more comfortable for the guests, you can mount one big sized television into the room and turn basement into a home theater easily. I have some brilliant basement bars set up ideas that will inspire you.

Simple set of the bar in the set up

Setting up a bar in the basement area using a big round table is a good idea. This bar has stools for the seating, the liquor racks, and wine storage. If you want some more features to increase the functionalities of the bar in the basement, you should install one sink to drain excessive spills. Usually wet basement bar is never without a sink area.
basement bar design ideas with wine racks and basment liquor shelves
luxury style basement bar plans ideas with seating and wine shelves. Source

Basement game room with the bar set up 

If there is some extra space in the basement you can make the set up for two different themes, make a set up for the games in the basement for the kids and make another set up of a separate basement wine bar in the area. You can see there is sink in the bar as well.If there is space you can place one fridge or refrigerator as well. You definitely need a cooler for the bar in the basement if fridge or refrigerator is not an option. Basement game room is as functional as the bar is, your kids can come down to play their favorite games instead of going out. It will also be fun for the kids to have their games available in the basement, they can bring their friends and have fun all the day long.

Basement game room ideas and basement wet bar design set up
basement game room and basement wet bar ideas with sink in the design source

Professional Style bar in the basement with buffet

If you love drinking during the weekends with your friends then having a small bar set up in the basement with few stools will definitely help you in having a good time.
basement wet bar set up with LCD and cabinets
basement wet bar plan and design ideas with sink area and nice bar cabinet designs, source

Vintage style basement wet bar plans
This is a perfect vintage interior in the bar. The wall is decorated with wines all overs and the wine racks seem to be covering the entire wall. If you are not considering a nice liquor cabinet for the bar, then the wall racks can also help store your collection of wines. This basement wet bar design is designed with simple set up with three stool and one recliner chair.
wall racks for wine with vintage basement bar design ideas
Vintage style basement wet bar design ideas with seating and liquor shelves on the walls, source

 Section of Bar wet bar ideas with sliding doors

Just in case you don't want your kids to wander around the bar in the basement, you can make a separate section for it by securing it by double glass door.  This basement wet bar is designed in the luxury style with liquor shelves. The room temperature is maintained easily as the doors are kept closed.
baement wet bar plan ideas with wine cabinets
basement wet bar plans ideas with double sliding glass doors, there are also liquor shelves in the bar. Source
If you are looking to check some more ideas on how to set up a home bar, you should check the work of the designers.

 Formal style basement wet bar design and lounge

This is a combo of basement bar and lounge all together. There is a separate seating with the tables for the guests. The section of the bar is kept a little separated from the lounge area.
basement bar design and lounge ideas
basement bar and lounge ideas, the formal seating in the basement. Source
You can turn your basement into a nice place of entertainment if you have some money. Check these basement remodeling ideas which are based on creative themes.


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