3D Floor Designs for Room Interior

Believe it or not some 3D floor designs can bring your artistic side out to be noticeable by others. We all have some kind of fantasies when it comes to home designs, some homeowners add more dark to the decor assuming it would create the right effect they have been looking for. Some homeowners simply add bright hues with the white colors in decor to make your rooms minimalist and wide.
No matter what type of theme you have used in the interior you can always switch your theme from ordinary to extraordinary by changing the colors of the walls and the floor in a 3d design. Gone are the days when wood was the only floor board to opt for. Now you have marble, tiles, stones and granite, these options work well for almost all modern to contemporary style decor. However if you are looking to add some extra artistic touch to the home you can have three dimension flooring installed on the rooms, they may be designed by the design using your concept. For instance if you love beaches and water you can choose a three dimension scene for the floor. Some people love optical illusion because it makes a superb illusion created by 3d floor art and floor murals and it's done using the colors along with right shading techniques.
Keep in mind that floor remodeling can be an expensive project, you cannot have artistic work done on the flooring of all the rooms of your home, but you can definitely turn few rooms into a paradise and some rooms you should transform are bathroom, living room and bedroom. These are three pivotal rooms in your home, just give them a wonderful effect by installing costly flooring and textured walls.  You can create tens of themes in three dimensions such as beach theme, water theme, and seascape.Some people also get their walls remodeled in order to complete a theme. The common theme is the water theme where some murals are also included in artistic work along side the painting. There are many ways you can decorate your floor by using 3d floor murals.

Some Inspirations on 3D floor design

Organic theme 3d floor and wall design with forest and waterfall.

  1. natural scenery 3d floor designs for bathroom
    3d scenery floor design source

     Bathroom floor design in 3d with aquatic life and water.

natural scenery 3d floor designs for bathroom
3d bathroom flooring ideas, source

 Beautiful meadow floor or  garden with flowers.

3d floor ideas with rocks grass greenery and water
source,   3d floor murals

Stone on the walkways with water on the side in 3d design for bathroom floor.
3d floor tiles ideas for bathroom remodel, stone tiles in 3d
source: big stones in 3d design for floor

 Round circles of staircases connecting the bath room with the deep stairs.

beautiful 3d art for floor for bathroom
source: big stereo for the floor art

 Koi Fish pond in 3d design for floor for the bedroom interior.

 underwater life 3d floor designs with animals, 3d floor designs for bedroom
source: Beautiful koi fish with underwater organism

 Amazing bathroom 3d floor with under water  organisms,koi fish and water waves.

koi fish 3d flooring design for home, 3d ocean floor tiles
source: again 3d koi fish floor design for the floor


There are some more great and fantastic 3d art ideas for the floor.


Have you seen UP animated movie? This 3d floor design is good for kids room for sure. 
3d floor ideas up animated movie theme, animated floor in 3d
source: 3d animated floor art and design

Wonderful zoo themed 3d art for the floor as well as for the walls.

cheetah 3d floor art for living room, zoo theme 3d floor art
source: 3d zoo themed flooring theme
The lava is burning in the living room and dining room, this 3d floor art is wonderful indeed.

burning lava 3d flooring art design for living room and bedroom, 3d art for floor
source: LAVA burning in 3d, this flooring mural is awesome
Big stones with water features in 3d art for the bathroom floor remodeling.

big rocks PVC waterproof 3d mural for bathroom floor, waterproof pvc floor in 3d
source: cool stone artwork for creating wonderful 3d floors
 Want more lead lighting in the living room? How about integrating a 3d led lighting art in the floor as well, it will make a good combo?
modern disco 3d art for living room floor and led lighting ideas for living room walls
Greenery and meadows everywhere in this 3d art for the floor.

beautiful koi fish.epoxy 3d floor murals for bathroom, 3d epoxy flooring
source: flooring design in 3d

3d floor designs stereo speaker theme, awesome flooring art and 3d tiles
source simple 3d floor murals

Read my other post on 3d flooring tiles to explore some designs that can be used for the remodeling of bathroom, living room and bedroom floors.


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