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12 Bathroom Corner Sinks for Saving Space In Small Spaced Bathroom

I would like to share my ideas on how corner bathroom sinks, modern style corner sinks, and space saving small bathroom cabinets can help you save a lot of space in the bathroom.
Corner sinks are practical for use in bathrooms with limited space. Aside from making use of a corner space, this type of sink serves other functions. A corner sink with mirrors placed on both sides can allow make-up and hair styling easy and fun. Placed opposite a window, a vanity corner sink with mirror will allow light to be dispersed in your bathroom.
There are various corner sink styles to choose from. For a modern look, you may opt for a corner glass sink while a pedestal type provides a stylish look. A wall hung corner vessel is another option to consider that will fit in any bathroom.
Here are some corner sinks to consider:
Herbeau 0211 Rince Doigts Wallmount Corner Bath Sink w/Wooden Supports: a perfect solution to corner bathroom spaces that need elegance and class. The set comes with h…
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13 White Brick Walls and Decorative Wall Panels for Room Decoration

White brick walls, white brick textured wall tiles, and decorative wall paneling are very famous these days in the interior of modern home and rooms. Let's talk about how veneer or textured 3d walls can add more beauty to the room aesthetics without your having to spend a lot of money. Veneer could help you created exposed or rustic style brick wall paneling easily without investing on wall tiles or PVC.

White brick walls for Enhancing room Aesthetics White is the best of the all the colors we have by nature, it creates very peaceful and calming effect to the interior. Due to its positive effect, most interior designers are using it for creating white brick walls in the designs with our without textures (yes, apart from the typical brick style textures you can achieve rustic textures, because some colors can be mixed on the wall art for making combos). You might be wondering as what are the brick walls and how they are designed or made. 

 Brick wall is basically designed with the …

10 Rustic Baby Nursery Ideas with Wooden Nursery Wall Art

A rustic baby nursery is a kind of new nursery theme which looks different due to the wooden pallet artwork on the walls which looks very rustic and traditional. If you are bore of blue, yellow, pink themed baby nursery designs, you might want to include some rustic decor elements in the nursery this time for creating a perfect rustic baby nursery makeover. Here are some some ideal ways of creating a rustic style nursery with little effort and investment.

Rustic Baby Nursery wall art For creating an ideal rustic baby nursery you need to pay special attention on the wall art. Mounting one faux antler head on the wall would symbolize rustic interior. If you have some spared wooden timbers or pallets which have not been used in any project, they can be cut in equal sizes, painted in a good color and then mounted onto the nursery walls. They will create a nice rustic nursery wall art without having to spend much on the project.  Besides mounting one antler on rustic nursery wall, you can…

11 Space Saving Corner Vanity Table with Storage

Corner vanity table, corner dressing table or corner dresser refer to a table set which has a mirror, some drawers for storing and organizing the makeup accessories.
Due to rising inflation and high population, it is not possible for all homeowners to afford to live in high end condo style homes. Due to limited spaces in the homes, the space for bedrooms and dressing rooms is also getting congested.  If your bedroom or vanity room is also congested, you can purchase space saving corner vanity table or corner dressing table for it.

A lot of you might be wondering as what type of storage features to seek in a corner vanity table and what the size of the corner dresser should be. Here are few things you need to consider when you buy corner dressing table.
Make sure the size of the corner vanity table is appropriate for the room. If you intend to arrange it in the corner, the vanity mirror size should be small because you don't want to end up buying a large sized vanity mirror on the …

Gorgeous Star Wars Wall Art designs

Looking for some ways to do Star Wars wall art, Star Wars wall decoration, and Star Wars themed decoration on the wall?  You should be glad to know that there are already too many Star Wars themed related wall decals which can be used for transforming the dull looking walls of your home easily.

Star Wars Wall Art If you already have watched all the Star Wars movies and have read all the books, the chances are you have fallen in love with the epic science fiction characters of the story. There is nothing wrong in imagining yourself as one of the epic characters of the movie- there is another way to live up the fantasy you have created and that's by changing the interior of your bedroom. If you ever see the rooms interior of the hipster, you will not be amazed to see that they have hung up the photos of their favorite musicians on the walls, it's because having decorative items of your choice gives a nice sense of peace to the mind.

I have also seen many people doing the sports…